Cyclotope was designed to meet the current demands of the molecular imaging community as well as to advance the development of next generation PET tracers. Our unmatched production capacity, based on the highest energy cyclotron available for production of PET radiotracers, offers the most current molecular imaging products. Establishing patient safety as a top priority, our products are manufactured and dispensed under the most stringent environment, Class 100 hot cells.

Cyclotope’s personnel include an unparalleled team of researchers, radiochemists and radiopharmacists with over fifty years combined experience. The in-house expertise assures the highest level of product services to the customer: a reliable product, delivered in a timely manner.

Researchers around the world are investigating various molecular imaging techniques to diagnose disease processes at the earliest stage possible, before symptoms appear, and to determine the efficacy of drug therapies. PET (Positron Emission Tomography) Scanning is one of the molecular imaging techniques. This sophisticated imaging modality is currently in clinical use to detect the presence and spread of tumors, cardiac disease and neurologic disorders, in some cases at an early stage providing a better chance for patient recovery or increasing patients quality of life.